Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New WOTM Music Video


Anonymous said...

You need HELP.

While you can! 'Sick' PIC of the Cross. You will stand before Him on Judgment Day and give account for your actions. His Wrath will burn on you! REPENT!!!

Read your Bible as it will help you to put things in perspective.

Have a good day! God Loves You Mud!
Praying for you Mud.


MudSkipper said...

Tanx. I'm glad you got off on that.
I have more to come. although it is not my work, I do enjoy bondage art and have a meager collection of various tools I use on women. They seem to like it. You should try it out with your wife sometime.
Tie her up with some rope you find in the garage and gag her with a t-shirt.
Maybe then she won't leave you because you are so boring between the sheets.