Wednesday, July 23, 2008

For U Terry

What you will need;

Mr. Brooks style jacket ($100)
Rope, preferably soft and not hemp or other harsh kinds. ($5-10)
Locking chain ($3) (Zip ties will substitute)
Lubrication (needed) ($20)
Vibrator (needed) ($30)
Bamboo piece (for restraint. Goes behind elbows.) (Free)
Pillow Case (To shut her up. preferably silk). (Free)
Non-slip gloves ($2)

Total = $159

Women don't like the taste of latex, so don't put that in their mouth. Everything else is fair game. Lock their hands. Put bamboo behind elbows, and they will be helpless. This makes for a really good handle later on (since they are slippery when wet).
I brought one of the hoes over and she said, "wow, you are prepared." She was thinking I had gotten it all together for just her (like a dumb girl she was). I was thinking to myself, yeah, I'm a professional, but that's neither here-nor there.

I hope that helps with your love life Terry, say hello to the ball-and-chain for me. Maybe you can grow some juevos and your women will start to respect you. But, judging from your relationship with Ray, she is probably the one who wears the pants in the house.

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