Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Mind of C_SPINE

I was in a club last night and they had a gallery of an alternative artist name C_SPINE. I really like bondage artwork. I guess you can buy 11x14 prints for $75. Wow, anyway, here are some samples. The one with the girl in the gas mask was different in the club. She has a 9mm pointed at her dome in the original. Nice


Anonymous said...

For some reason I like the first one, maybe it's the boobs.

Anonymous said...

You are one SICK individual to enjoy female bondage. No doubt, a criminal. May God have mercy on your soul!

REPENT! of your sins, before you roast in Hell ...evil one! Your evil will be rewarded with great pain & suffering in the flames of HELL.

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry,

First of all it's art, therefore it's NOT real. Secondly, not everything is black and white, if two consenting adults want to play make believe it's ok. Relax, no one is getting hurt. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wrong answer Skeptical!

Its considered pornographic, offensive and inappropriate on the internet. BTW that's "Mr. Burton" to you!

This viperous generation needs to mind their manners, and act human beings. Not animals! Have a Nice Day son!

Anonymous said...

@ Skeptical,

My mistake, supposedly you are a "female". Probably one of those demented conversion jobs.

Irukandji said...

I agree with Skeptical Sorcerer - the first one is the hottest. And yes, it's the boobs.

Oh, and Terry?

It's just porn - and rather classy porn, at that. As long as all participants in porn are consenting adults, then there's no reason to get your knickers in a twist. If you don't like it, click the "back" button, like a normal person would. If you do like it, pull out the Kleenex and have some "alone" time, like a normal person would. Either way, spare us your nuttery.

Anonymous said...

oh Terry you put a smile on my face everyday. Yes I'm a "female", but it really doesn't matter if I'm a "demented conversion job", had proper non-demented sexual reassignment surgery, had female parts from birth, or a male, what's your point??

Terry said...
"Its considered pornographic, offensive and inappropriate on the internet."

I was unaware you were the internet police....oh noes!!!

@ irukandji
hahaha I think Terry could use some "alone time"

MudSkipper said...

Glad you all are having fun conversation.

Let the Nut Job Terry tell you what is normal. Christians get off on watching Christ Bondage, blood and nails right?!

They're all angel talk until you get them into bed, then they want to tie YOU up!

MudSkipper said...

Catholic Schoolgirl isn't just a persona, its a reality.

MudSkipper said...

"Your evil will be rewarded with great pain & suffering!"

And you say you don't like bondage???