Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A New President

All the Atheists have voted and we have elected Ray as our new president and ambassador.

Denying God's existence every day can be quite boring. No one else in the history of Atheism has brought so much laughter, amusement, and FEAR into the hearts of Atheist world-wide as the upstart preacher from New Zealand. Hence, from this day forward, Ray will be our new Commander in Chief.

Congratulations Ray, its really an honor!


Chris said...

I only voted "yes" because I was lead to believe the post of president was a ceremonial post only. I was imagining him in the robes and funny hat, and thought he'd look the part.

I didn't realise it made him commander-in-chief! Oh, God, it's all over now. He's going to send us all to the Middle East to help with the end of the world, I know it....

streetapologist said...

Why do you feel the need to pick on Ray Comfort? Are you secretly jealous of him or something?

I always have to laugh when I see atheists' taking shots at Ray Comfort...he really gets to you guys.

SteveMudSkipper said...

Dear streetapologist,

I was being sincere. I really like Ray.

If Atheists could ever have a president, I believe Ray would win HANDS DOWN! He's entertaining, not dry like the other Atheists in the race. Plus it would show that we love Christians just as much as we love ourselves (which according to Ray, is a lot).

He also has a cool accent which gives him the air of authority and PAZAZ!

If you want a recount, you have to vote again for a recount, but until that time, all "hanging chads" will be considered a vote FOR Ray, not against, per the addendum to the presidential election Rules and Regulations section A-249324 clause B.
Feel free to cal 1800-555-3456 if you have further questions and an operator will be with you shortly.

Chris said...

Yeah, I figured it was the fault of those hanging chads. They've caused so much trouble recently.

I called that number you gave, but I just get a recorded voice saying "please press the interrobang symbol on your phone keypad to vote for someone other than Ray", then a few seconds later "thanks for voting for Ray. He loves you. Please don't go to hell". Then it hangs up on me.

SteveMudSkipper said...

thats funny. "Don't Burn In Hell (creepy laughter)" **CLICK**

Streetapologist said...

I like Ray too, although I wish his arguments weren't so pedantic and sophomoric.

Christianity has many well educated champions that would spawn real intellectual intercourse instead we look like the bearded yak woman at the local freak show. Sad.

MudSkipper said...

wait Streetapologist,
I'm really confused now. You don't like us making fun of Ray, but you don't like him?

Like I said, Ray is our prez because he is the opposite of our worst enemy. So he has done more to further atheism than we could ever hope to. so you see.

I wonder what he will do for the 4th. probebly say all the founding fathers were christian or something. Talent, New Zealands Got Talent!

streetapologist said...

As I said, I like him...he is a nice man...


his arguments are just plan silly at times.

streetapologist said...
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MudSkipper said...

Why don't you be a man and tell him that.

streetapologist said...

This from a person with a curious george obsession....

I am sure other Christians have told Ray that his arguments are not any good.

I would like to know though, why you as an atheist has so many "Ray" related posts?

MudSkipper said...

what can I say, I'm a child at heart.
I like Ray, or didn't you get the memo?

He's entertaining.