Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Christians are Sheep, Says Ray

BEWARE! Sheep can turn into Zombies!
Check out this movie clip to see what I mean!


Chris said...

Great find. I was thinking of that movie when I read Ray's post.

I wonder why Ray didn't think of it. He's a New Zealander himself.

Mustn't be on the Fundy movie list.

SteveMudSkipper said...

yeah I know. I want to see it because NZ accents are awesome.
I can see Ray in a RAMBO outfit, putting a sawed off shotgun in the mouth of a zombie sheep and turning it inside out.

My brother said that is the worst movie ever made. Pretty impressive.

I think Christianity is all about Zombies.
Think about it.
Jesus was a zombie.
Lazarus was a zombie.
All the great prophets were zombies (or at least wanted to be).

Its a zombie religion. ZOMBIE SHEEP! COOL!