Thursday, July 3, 2008


(God Doesn't Exist, Neither does Jesus)

(God Doesn't Exist, Neither does Jesus)


Streetapologist said...

Happy July 4th,

(Atheism is silly, so are atheists)

In all seriousness, what led you to become skeptical of religion or have you been skeptical your whole life?

MudSkipper said...

Hey, street!
You are finally getting it I think!

MudSkipper said...

I was born an atheist, like everyone is. I was taught Christianity for several years, then taught myself atheism.

The first atheist book I read at 13, was by Ruth Greene. Does that answer your question?

Andrew Louis said...

It is true that neither exist, but then you could say nothing exists. Christ is an idea to be realized, not a reality to be touched and prooved.

To become lost in objecive matters and miracles is to mistake the finger for the moon.