Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ray's Jesus Dilemma

"I think that "great" teachers don’t say the sort of weird things He said (believe His words and you have everlasting life, that His voice would raise the billions of the dead human race, etc.), and if He didn’t exist, who said these amazing words? So, I think that there are only two reasonable options. He was either a crazy liar, or He was the Son of God. Am I wrong?" -Ray Comfort

Yep, there are plenty of crazy people walking around claiming to be the son of God, claiming to heal people, claiming they have the answer to eternal life. We can observe that these people exist and say these things. We have never observed someone doing miracles. Therefor it is more likely that this Jesus character (more accurately, the authors of Jesus) were just lunatics. You can go to any street corner and find another Jesus, just give them some alcohol and they will tell you some amazing things.

Don't blame me for calling Jesus (better yet his character) crazy since Ray was the one who came up with that. Weird, if Jesus (or his character) was crazy, what does that say about his followers?

Which is more likely, a person could violate every known physical law by walking on water, etc. or Ray is just suffering from delusions of grandeur? Since we know the delusional people exist, and we have NEVER witnessed the former, it is more likely (and given that he thinks he has defeated a science with as much evidence as gravity) that he is delusional.

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