Sunday, June 15, 2008


You wrote this about atavisms and evolution on your blog;

"A recent article from Live Science provides a list of the top ten "useless limbs," two of which caught my eye. The article includes the human tail-bone among its other "useless limbs," which, contrary to popular belief, does indeed have a function. There are nine muscles attached to the tail-bone in humans which are extremely important for certain activities, including: sitting, certain bowel movements, labor movements, and supporting certain internal organs. Why are these functions so often ignored? Because the "useless" tail-bone in humans is often used as evidence to support the theory of Darwinian evolution."

Take a look at these videos and tell me how these people can have functioning tails, without needing the "Extremely important" muscles attached to them, that is, they are still able to have bowel movements, can sit, and their organs don't fall out etc?

Another point;

Bottlenose Dolphins normally do not have rear fins (aside from the tail).
Yet, this Bottlenose Dolphin in China displayed attavistic dorsal fins where they don't normally exist. In fact, every Bottlenose Dolphin has the capability of making these rear fins. During the embryo stage, every dolphin has this rear fin (see H in the photo), but is disappears when the during development.

Normal Bottlenose Dolpins;
Notice no rear fins.

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