Friday, June 20, 2008

Ok, Lets See

I love reading Ray Comfort's Blog. Everyday I get a little chuckle inside, like butterflies, little moments of joy.

I say to myself, OK, lets see what kind of stupidity, asinine, borderline insane dingle berries we are gonna get from the internet's biggest ex-nothing, Ray Comfort.

I'm never disappointed. Each new post from Ray brightens my day and makes me feel (like there's no hope for humanity and we should give up now) like I can go through the day.
Ah Ray, you put the "F" in Fundamentalist.
I wanted someone to condense all of Ray's post into one word so I wouldn't have to read it.>>
Ok,Thanks for the words guys.
Dale was the winner with his entry and coinage of a new word (i believe) of "Flabblegabbery." You win a thousand free Google searches, use them any time.

Other notable mentions were "JibberJabber" (iago) and "Lazy" (Ray's entry)
Mark was disqualified because he didn't give a word, Just FlabberGabbery.

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