Sunday, December 7, 2008


Convulsing on the bed, A strange force takes over me

She is lying next to me
Her face pale and blank
I open her eyes
So she can see me
She doesn't make a sound
The pills must have taken effect

Her plastic stare is haunting
motionless, her eyes see through me
I live the fantasy,
Her labia feel a silver slippery
Reaching inside her has no effect

Thoughts of Sylvia Plath floating
I find strength in the darkness
Of putting her head in the oven
Completing my fantasy
Let me state the obvious
Reminds me of retrocopulation

Her face transposed onto
The girl I touch
The prose sends me into a frenzy
"These mannequins lean tonight
In Munich, morgue between Paris and Rome,"
Faceless mannequins
Caught in a dreamscape
Tonight between paris and rome